Swimming lessons in Gambia

Swimming lessons in Gambia

           Irmakunda Swimming Academy

                      Sponsor Program


Swimming lessons in Gambia for children

On the 22nd of October 2018 the first swimming lessons in Gambia in this new Sponsor Program started of children brought by the Irmakunda Fund Gambia. The group exists of 15 children, age 6 to 15, and each will have the opportunity to follow the full program until they are qualified to swim safely. The duration of the swimming lessons in Gambia will depend on their adaptation and ability and is different for every individual.

The swimming lessons in Gambia are organized by a professional swimmer

The instructor Abdel Kadere,also a professional swimmer, will teach and judge them and decide when they are ready for the final swimming test during a ceremony after which they will receive their certificate. When a child leaves the class because the swimming lessons are completed another child on the waiting list will be entered to follow the program and learn to swim. The class of 15 children will be continuous this way.

The swimming lessons prevent drowning accidents

Due to the Corona period there were no lessons from the beginning of 2020 until July 2021 but before that 11 children learned to swim and left the program to give chance to more children. We aim to reach a lot of children this way and prevent the now frequent drowning accidents in the sea.

Support the swimming lessons in Gambia

Other organisations or individual supporters that are interested in donating for the swimming lessons of the children are very welcome to register in the  Sponsor Program of the Irmakunda Swimming Academy.


The price per child for 8 hours lessons, including transport and guidance from their village is €10 per month. There is a large group of children that otherwise will never have a chance to swim, something we find very important in more developed countries, so let’s try to continue this together!

Thank you!



Irmakunda Swimming Academy

Founded in May 2018 in the Gambia


The vision and aim of the Irmakunda Swimming Academy is to give attention to the need and benefits of swimming.

Swimming lessons are given for several reasons, namely :

  • to prevent people from drowning
  • as an healthy fitness exercise
  • to prevent immobilization problems caused by sickness or older age
  • to help lose weight and support a dietThe appointed head of the academy is Abdel Kadere, a professional swimmer and instructor. Mr. Kadere has all the certificates and qualifications necessary to conduct basic and advanced swimming lessons to both children and adults. He shows a real passion in his work and connects with his students very well.In the Sponsor Program of the Irmakunda Fund Gambia we also bring children that can’t afford the payments of the Academy lessons and give them a chance to learn to swim by sponsoring.If you feel the same about giving this opportunity to the children please join the Sponsor Program by giving a donation, we can’t do it without you!!Together we shall aim for nationally integrated swimming lessons as a subject within the school programs.

    Abdel already started this in the SBEC School.